Separate specialized data center

Safety-Data-center-125x125-v02EPS LT is not using public data storages in the clouds and related services. All our clients’ systems are installed in a separate data center belonging to EPS LT. All the clients from Baltic countries, Ukraine and Belarus are serviced through this data center.

No third parties

Safety-No-Third-Parties-125x125-v01EPS LT does not provide data center rent services to third parties to decrease potential risks.

Banking card services are certified

Safety-PCI-DSS-125x125-v01EPS LT banking card service systems fully comply with the stricktests PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards and the certification is performed each year. Only with these certificates the cooperation with banks for VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards servicing is permitted.
VISA Europe is also performing EPS LT security check regularly according to VISA PIN Security program. In the investigation process,
EPS LT is evaluated if it complies the requirements necessary for PIN (Personal Identification Number) code security assurance.

Banking card service equipment are certified

Safety-PA-DSS-125x125-v01All used Ingenico and Verifone payment card readers and their operating systems are certified according to PA DSS standards (Payment Application Data Security Standard). More detailed information about EPS LT certificates can be found in PCI Security standard council published list Validated Payment Applications.

The highest safety and reliability level is assured for other EPS LT systems as well

Safety-Additional-value-125x125-v01As all the other systems (loyalty, company cards, insurance cards) are installed in the same environment they automatically get analogic security level!

Our solutions help to save money every year!

Safety-Save-money-125x125-v01If they choose EPS LT any merchant or service center can save up from 3 to 5 times by reducing PCI DSS certification expenses. This is due to our unique End to End Encryption (E2E Encryption) solution corresponds to all level PCI DSS requirements and simplifies PCI DSS certification procedure for our clients (from 12 requirements only 3 mandatory left). Important! We recommend to the retail merchants and service network heads of IT departments to get acquainted with the information in this link.



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