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MORE CLIENTS. For a client owning a loyalty card, the company will be able to offer special discounts, allow collecting loyalty points and pay for the goods by these points.
MORE SALES AND LESS MARKETING EXPENSES. Our time-tested systems are not only for discount and sale organization use. It will help you with Your marketing ROI.
NEW PARTNERSHIPS. The loyalty solution can be used to cooperate with other companies. The same loyalty card can be read in more than one store.
INDIVIDUAL SALE OFFERS. Clients can be divided into age, address, sex, purchase habits, shopping cart size and many other categories.
DATA ANALYSIS. Client purchase data is gathered and analyzed in the system: the shopping card contents, shopping time and frequency, location etc.


Sigita Ziliukiene



MORE OPTIONS. Possibility to create various discounts, save up or pay with points depending on the goods purchased goods groups or services.
RELIABLE. The vendor does not need to enter the discount manually or do other repeating actions that increase human error possibility.
PRACTICAL. Loyalty card can be read with a register (dash code or magnetic card reader required).
RECOMMENDED. Companies with computerized registers (POS systems) who service medium to large client flow.


SIMPLE. Easy process of system installation and activation.
FAST. No need for register operating system integration, therefore, the process of installation is very quick.
ECONOMIC. Lower loyalty system installation costs.
RECOMMENDED. For small businesses, stores using simple registers.