Support campaign “Everyone can help!” 
November 7, 2019

Doing good deeds is good, but it is even better when we do them together.
Our partner “Šiaulių Bankas” has initiated a support campaign […]

Renewed loyalty program „Mylimiausia“ 
November 5, 2019

The loyalty program „Mylimiausia“ now offers even more benefits. EPS LT was selected as a partner to develop and implement the loyalty program‘s […]

New Ingenico card readers 
October 3, 2019

As the number of card payments grows and payment technology advances, new card reader models are introduced in the market. The new card […]


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Payments made in Baltic countries this month

Baltic Central Banks data for first half-year of 2019 shows that Estonia remains the leader in terms of the number of payments by cards. In Lithuania and Latvia the stable growth of card payments is observed.

The presented data indicates the number of payments made by payment cards in three Baltic countries during this month.
*Prognoses are calculated based on Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian central bank information.