News in card payments services market

Contactless Payments on Highway Signpost. As we have already announced in our news column, solution to pay tips by a bank card while paying the bill was implemented in Čili restaurants chain at the beginning of this year. More news in payment area is expected this fall when the first contactless bank payment card in Lithuania will be issued.
This innovation ensures more convenient and faster customer service as contactless payment cards are used without inserting them into the card reader. Moreover, for low-value transactions PIN entering is not required. At the same time, contactless payments are as safe as using chip cards.
New electronic card readers that can accept contactless payments are already being installed at our clients’ stores. EPS LT software enables to read different types of contactless cards –payment, loyalty, fleet, etc. As an example, Rimi customers who have new contactless loyalty cards are already using contactless technology in RIMI retail chain stores. In order to use loyalty card, it is enough to approach it to the card reader. Compared with the magnetic card reading, this is a faster and more convenient way of using the card for both the customer and the cashier.
EPS LT has nearly 3 years of experience working with contactless payment solutions, servicing international clients. Our client, one of the largest international retail chains „Auchan“, operating in Ukraine, has been using contactless solutions developed by EPS LT since the end of 2013.

New way for tips payment in Čili restaurants chain

Waitress Charging Customers Bill

Čili and EPS cooperation has started in 2015. Currently mobile card readers are used for accepting card payments in the restaurants. In the beginning of 2016 another innovation, expanding possibilities of card readers, has been implemented – the possibility to grant tips while paying by bank card.

Although the tips functionality is not novelty in other countries, solution proposed by EPS LT is the first practically implemented in Lithuanian restaurants and cafes.

Solution operation is based on the identification of employee and individual accounting of received tips. The waiter has unique identifier to unlock the functionality. As waiter enters the amount due, the customer chooses whether to pay tips or not and specify the amount. Before confirming the payment by entering PIN code, the customer sees on card reader’s screen two amounts – the bill and tips.
Information about the payment, tips amount, place and time is stored at EPS LT server and in real time is transferred to Čili book-keeping system. Individual accounting allows calculate each employee’s accumulated tips and respectively to pay the taxes.
We believe that making tips granting more available and convenient is beneficial for HoReCa service providers and their employees, as well as their clients. We hope that other companies will also show interest in this solution because of its innovativeness and benefits.