QR code payments solution by mobile phone were launched in Ukraine

Qr code In Ukraine, one of the largest retail chains “Auchan”, EPS LT, in cooperation with VISA, implemented the QR code payments solution by mobile phone. This solution allows to pay for goods using a mobile phone application for reading a QR code on a card reader screen. Card reader, after receiving information about payment amount from cash register, generates and displays a dynamic QR code on the reader’s screen. The customer reads the QR code with a mobile application on smartphone and initiates the payment. The cash register receives the confirmation of the payment transaction from the bank or e-money service provider and the reader displays a message that the payment has been successfully completed.
The biggest advantage of the solution is that it operates quickly and easily, and in order to launch the service, there is no need to change software of cash register, as a card reader is used for generating and displaying the QR code.
We are glad to have possibility to implement innovative solutions in cooperation with the “Auchan” retail chain operating in Ukraine. Five years ago, when Lithuania was still preparing for contactless payments, EPS LT already deployed contactless card readers in the merchant’s shops. Currently, when QR codes payment solutions in our country are only taking the first steps, we can enjoy a successfully working service.
In this video VISA representative in Ukraine demonstrates how the solution works.

Contactless payments for parking services

Machine parking Recently Kaunas city has started operating parking machines that accept contactless payments. This innovative solution has been implemented through partnership between companies “EPS” LT, “Technologinių paslaugų sprendimai” and public institution “Automobilių stovėjimo aikštelės”. More than 100 parking machines are already in use, and 50 more are planned to be install in the nearest future. Some of the machines were upgraded by integrating NFC module to the existing Ingenico iUC180b card reader. Other parking machines are new and innovative as use a renewable energy source – solar energy.
In Lithuania, contactless payments are increasingly gaining in popularity; over the year, their volumes have grown more than 20 times. Along with the growing number of contactless payment cards, we believe that such a payment method will become a great alternative to cash when paying not only for parking on the street, but also on the parking lots.

More possibilities for contactless payments

Woman paying with NFC technology on credit card in supermarket We are glad, that more and more our clients can accept payments by contactless payment cards. As for now all newly installed card readers have contactless payment possibility and we are updating readers software remotely for existing customers. The updated version of software includes not only contactless payment function but also more convenient reader‘s menu management. The new thing is that now the amount of payment should be entered first and only then, depending on the type of card (contactless or chip), the customer should approach or insert payment card. The updated card reader‘s user manual is available on our webpage.
To pay by contactless payment card is easier and faster, as in most cases there is no need to enter PIN code. Although payments are not confirmed by PIN code, transactions and card data are completely safe. The higher limit for contactless payment and more convenient way  to pay encourage customers to pay by card more often. The positive thing is that more and more small business are offering a possibility to pay by card in those trading venues where cash is traditionally dominated, i.e. markets, fairs and food trucks.

News in card payments services market

Contactless Payments on Highway Signpost. As we have already announced in our news column, solution to pay tips by a bank card while paying the bill was implemented in Čili restaurants chain at the beginning of this year. More news in payment area is expected this fall when the first contactless bank payment card in Lithuania will be issued.
This innovation ensures more convenient and faster customer service as contactless payment cards are used without inserting them into the card reader. Moreover, for low-value transactions PIN entering is not required. At the same time, contactless payments are as safe as using chip cards.
New electronic card readers that can accept contactless payments are already being installed at our clients’ stores. EPS LT software enables to read different types of contactless cards –payment, loyalty, fleet, etc. As an example, Rimi customers who have new contactless loyalty cards are already using contactless technology in RIMI retail chain stores. In order to use loyalty card, it is enough to approach it to the card reader. Compared with the magnetic card reading, this is a faster and more convenient way of using the card for both the customer and the cashier.
EPS LT has nearly 3 years of experience working with contactless payment solutions, servicing international clients. Our client, one of the largest international retail chains „Auchan“, operating in Ukraine, has been using contactless solutions developed by EPS LT since the end of 2013.

New way for tips payment in Čili restaurants chain

Waitress Charging Customers Bill

Čili and EPS cooperation has started in 2015. Currently mobile card readers are used for accepting card payments in the restaurants. In the beginning of 2016 another innovation, expanding possibilities of card readers, has been implemented – the possibility to grant tips while paying by bank card.

Although the tips functionality is not novelty in other countries, solution proposed by EPS LT is the first practically implemented in Lithuanian restaurants and cafes.

Solution operation is based on the identification of employee and individual accounting of received tips. The waiter has unique identifier to unlock the functionality. As waiter enters the amount due, the customer chooses whether to pay tips or not and specify the amount. Before confirming the payment by entering PIN code, the customer sees on card reader’s screen two amounts – the bill and tips.
Information about the payment, tips amount, place and time is stored at EPS LT server and in real time is transferred to Čili book-keeping system. Individual accounting allows calculate each employee’s accumulated tips and respectively to pay the taxes.
We believe that making tips granting more available and convenient is beneficial for HoReCa service providers and their employees, as well as their clients. We hope that other companies will also show interest in this solution because of its innovativeness and benefits.

The new generation of electronic card readers

iCT250-Contactless_sumažintas(1) EPS LT presents the new generation of electronic card readers.

While the Baltic banks are still preparing for the issuing of contactless payment cards, EPS LT already can offer its customers the card readers which accept contactless payments in compliance with the requirements of Visa and Mastercard.

Contactless payments are a convenient way to pay for low-value purchases, because the customers paying with a card, do not have to enter PIN code. For merchants such payments help to serve more customers in shorter time and reduce queues at points of sale.

EPS LT offered new card readers can be used not only for the bank payment, but for any other electronic (enterprise payment, loyalty, gifts, transportation, personal identification, etc.) cards reading. The software of card readers meets the highest security requirements, reliably protecting data of card authorization and information about their users.

To learn more about the new card readers and their possibilities, please contact us.

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EPS LT, UAB new service: EFT short-term rental

EPS-news-2015-05-07-EKS-trumpalaike-nuomaFor our Clients EPS LT, UAB offer a new service: EFT short-term rental . It is most relevant for merchants who:
-participating in exhibitions, fairs, and conferences;
-have outdoor trade;
-organizing products presentations outside.

EFT short-term rental is exclusive and comfortable for Clients, because:
-can choose rental time by them self, how long EFT will be used;
-can choose the most suitable EFT for them business;
-get professional consultation for free;
-try this service in EPS LT, UAB office.


If you are interested or have questions, please keep in touch with Zivile.

Zivile Sukackaite

Over half of UK consumers now aware of contactless

EPS-news-2014-12-29-Over-half-of-UK-consumers-now-aware-of-contactlessAwareness of contactless payments in the UK has made big strides over the last two years, according to the Contactless Payment Index results from eDigitalResearch. Over half (58%) of consumers now report to seeing a contactless payment point or symbol, an increase from just 15% in 2012.

The survey of 2000 consumers found that over half (55%) of respondents now own some sort of contactless payment card, with many owning more than one. Of those that have access to the technology, 38% have so far used their cards to make a contactless payment – mainly at supermarkets and convenience stores where speed is of the essence.


In comparison, almost 1 in 10 (9%) of the UK population now have access to an NFC – enabled smartphone device – 49% who have used the technology to make a contactless mobile payment, the majority of whom are repeat users.

However, the study also found that concerns surrounding security, fraud and technical issues still remain some of the key barriers to widespread adoption. When asked what one improvement consumers would like to see with both contactless card and mobile payments, almost one – third of those asked said they would like better or tighter security surrounding the technology. Similarly, of those consumers who think they will never use contactless payments, over half (53%) said that concerns over security and fraud are holding them back , whilst an even bigger percentage (71%) are simply happy with the way they pay now.


Information source: eDigitalResearch.

Paysafecard launches in Peru and Uruguay

EPS-news-2014-12-29-Paysafecard- launches-in-Peru-and-UruguayPaysafecard, a member of the international Skrill Group, continues its expansion into new markets by moving Peru and Uruguay.

The product paysafecard has been available in the Latin American countries of Mexico since 2010 and Argentina since 2009. With the move into Peru and Uruguay, the two countries are now joined by two burgeoning economies exhibiting the optimal conditions for prepaid online payments.

Peru has a population of around 30 million and internet penetration rate of 40% – which is markedly above average for Latin America.



Information source: Payments cards & mobile.


Over £7 billion lost by UK SMEs in missed payment opportunities

EPS-news-2014-06-10-China-UnionPay-by-the-NumbersOnly 42% of UK SMEs currently offer customers the option of paying by card, despite card spending more than doubling in the last decade, according to reach from Barclaycard.

SMEs are losing out on £7.5 billion each year by not offering customers alternative payments.

Despite three-quarters (74.5%) of all retail transactions across the UK now being carried out via cards, there in five (58%) SMEs are ont currently able to take card payments.

Of these, a quarter admin this has resulted in lost sales opportunities. At present, only four out of ten (42%) offer customers the option of paying by credit or debit card. Of the 58% that don’t, over a quarter (28%) choose not to because they believe this would entail significant cost, and one in ten (11%) think it will be too complicated and wouldn’t know where to start.

Barclaycard Anywhere, an mPOS solution, has been launched to help SMEs meet their customers needs. Barclaycard Anywhere allows business to take secure card payments with a secure card reader which attaches to a smartphone or tablet. There are no monthly fees or contract tie-ins.

Information source: Payments cards & mobile.