Machine parking Recently Kaunas city has started operating parking machines that accept contactless payments. This innovative solution has been implemented through partnership between companies “EPS” LT, “Technologinių paslaugų sprendimai” and public institution “Automobilių stovėjimo aikštelės”. More than 100 parking machines are already in use, and 50 more are planned to be install in the nearest future. Some of the machines were upgraded by integrating NFC module to the existing Ingenico iUC180b card reader. Other parking machines are new and innovative as use a renewable energy source – solar energy.
In Lithuania, contactless payments are increasingly gaining in popularity; over the year, their volumes have grown more than 20 times. Along with the growing number of contactless payment cards, we believe that such a payment method will become a great alternative to cash when paying not only for parking on the street, but also on the parking lots.