Contactless Visa Card Close Up As we already wrote in our news section, at the end of November the possibility to pay by contactless payment cards was offered for customers of “Rimi” and “Maxima” in Latvia. In December the new way of payment was implemented in Lithuanian retail chains stores. We are glad to announce that this solution already works in Estonian and from now on “Maxima” and “Rimi” stores customers can use the same payments methods in all Baltic countries.
Contactless payment sign on card reader’s screen informs customers about the possibility to pay by contactless payment card. It is enough to approach the payment card to the reader in order to make a payment. After customer taps the card, there will be heard an audible beep, the green lights appear on the reader and text “approved” is displayed on the screen. If the purchase sum does not exceed the amount of limit set by card-issuing bank, customer will not be asked to enter a PIN code. To confirm payment with PIN code is needed for higher value purchases or for security reasons in order to ensure that the card is used by its true owner.
Merchants admit that small purchases up to 10 euros represents a significant part of the total payments, therefore it is expected that a more convenient and frequently faster method of payment will improve shopping experience and encourage customer to pay by card rather than cash.
Understanding that the speed and convenience is particular important for merchants serving large flow of customers, first of all this service was implemented in the biggest retail chains. We are planning to offer the possibility to pay by contactless payments cards for other merchants’ customers in the nearest future.