Dedicated data center

Safety-Data-center-125x125-v02We are not using public data storages in the clouds and related services. All our clients’ systems are installed in a separate data center owned by EPS LT. Our clients from Baltic countries, Ukraine and Belarus are serviced through this data center.

Banking card services are certified

Service Provider Badge FINAL (2019 Version) EPS LT banking card service systems fully comply with the stringest PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards and the certification is performed each year. VISA Europe performs security check regularly according to VISA PIN Security program.

Banking card service equipment are certified

Safety-PA-DSS-125x125-v01Payment card readers and their software are certified according to PA DSS standards (Payment Application Data Security Standard). More information about certificates can be found in PCI Security standard council published list Validated Payment Applications.

Cost efficient solutions

Safety-Save-money-125x125-v01 The expenses for PCI DSS certification can be reduced from 3 to 5 times. We use End to End Encryption (E2E Encryption) solution that corresponds to all level PCI DSS requirements and simplifies PCI DSS certification procedure for our clients. More information about security requirements you can find here.



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