Woman paying with NFC technology on credit card in shop Responding to the COVID-19 situation and trying to ensure more safety for customers using the payment cards, the Baltic banks: SEB Bank, Swedbank, Luminor Bank, Citadele banka, Šiaulių bankas, have signed an agreement regarding the higher limit for contactless payments. During the quarantine period, contactless payments can be used for purchases up to 50 EUR.
According to the data provided by Association of Lithuanian banks, currently payments up to 25 EUR account for approximately 85 percent of all payments made by contactless cards and payments up to 50 EUR for as much as 95 percent. A higher contactless payment limit allows customers to pay more safely for higher value purchases.

Recognizing the importance of responding quickly to changes related to the implementation of additional safety measures, we have already introduced higher contactless payment limits on EPS LT card readers in Lithuania and Estonia, and from tomorrow they will be applied in point of sales of our clients in Latvia.