Woman paying with NFC technology on credit card in supermarket We are glad, that more and more our clients can accept payments by contactless payment cards. As for now all newly installed card readers have contactless payment possibility and we are updating readers software remotely for existing customers. The updated version of software includes not only contactless payment function but also more convenient reader‘s menu management. The new thing is that now the amount of payment should be entered first and only then, depending on the type of card (contactless or chip), the customer should approach or insert payment card. The updated card reader‘s user manual is available on our webpage.
To pay by contactless payment card is easier and faster, as in most cases there is no need to enter PIN code. Although payments are not confirmed by PIN code, transactions and card data are completely safe. The higher limit for contactless payment and more convenient way  to pay encourage customers to pay by card more often. The positive thing is that more and more small business are offering a possibility to pay by card in those trading venues where cash is traditionally dominated, i.e. markets, fairs and food trucks.