Car Petrol Fuel Gauge As the year is counting its last months we can rejoice not only the number of growing customers, but also the expanding geography of our business. This fall together with companies from the “Lukoil” Group we implemented a project in Serbia and Romania. The card readers, with EPS LT software installed for fleet and loyalty card reading, were deployed in the network of gas stations run by “Lukoil”. “Lukoil” gas stations have been equipped with 634 integrated card readers in Romania and with 175 in Serbia.
Fleet card solutions facilitate the payment process for the customers and provide additional sales opportunities for the merchant. The merchant can offer customized promotions for cardholders and variety of discount schemes and the wholesale customers can pay for services once a month. The card readers can be used not only for the reading of “Lukoil” fleet and loyalty cards, but also for the international UTA, DKV and EuroWag fuel cards. In order to make our solutions multi functional, the installed card readers in “Lukoil” gas stations will be used for bank card reading as well.