Payment methods As the number of card payments grows and payment technology advances, new card reader models are introduced in the market. The new card readers not only meet the highest security standards, are reliable and fast, but they also have a modern look and provides better user experience.
EPS LT offers its customers the new Ingenico card reader from Desk, Move and Lane series.
Desk series are standalone card readers, not integrated with the cash register, operating via a fixed internet connection or a SIM card. Desk 3200/3500 readers have a larger screen, as well as a separate area for contactless payment, that provides a better user experience and faster transactions.
The Move series are portable, GPRS/3G enabled card readers designed for indoor and outdoor use, having convenient size and a larger capacity battery. The Move 2500/3500 features a color display and a convenient dedicated area for contactless payment.
The Lane Series readers are designed for integrated cash register solutions. Lane 3000 – is easy to integrate, compact with color screen and ergonomic keyboard. This card reader enables payments with all types of card including alternative payment methods. Lane 5000 combines the functionalities of payments and customer interaction. The large color touch screen not only ensures convenient and smooth payment process, but also allows to conduct customer surveys and display promotional material on the reader’s screen.

The first ones to try the new Lane 3000 card readers are the customers of our client “Topo Centras”.
More information about new card readers please find here.