Woman paying with NFC technology on credit card in supermarket We are glad to announce that customers of Latvia‘s „Maxima“, „Rimi“ and „SuperNetto“ stores have possibility to pay by using contactless payment cards. As for now customers for low value purchases (up to 10 euro) can pay just by tapping the contactless payment card to the card reader.
Payments by contactless cards are processed faster as customers in most cases do not need to enter PIN code. The new way of payment is secure as regular payments, but once in a while customer needs to enter PIN code even when the payment sum is under 10 euro according to VISA, MasterCard and banks security requirements.
The quick and convenient way of payment is very important both for customer and merchant, thus we believe that this innovation will quickly become regular customers’ payment method. We are pleased that during the first week of service provisioning there were made more than 5 000 successful contactless payment transactions.
In the nearest future we are planning to offer possibility to pay by contactless payment cards for customers of “Rimi” and “Maxima” in Lithuania and Estonia.