Qr code In Ukraine, one of the largest retail chains “Auchan”, EPS LT, in cooperation with VISA, implemented the QR code payments solution by mobile phone. This solution allows to pay for goods using a mobile phone application for reading a QR code on a card reader screen. Card reader, after receiving information about payment amount from cash register, generates and displays a dynamic QR code on the reader’s screen. The customer reads the QR code with a mobile application on smartphone and initiates the payment. The cash register receives the confirmation of the payment transaction from the bank or e-money service provider and the reader displays a message that the payment has been successfully completed.
The biggest advantage of the solution is that it operates quickly and easily, and in order to launch the service, there is no need to change software of cash register, as a card reader is used for generating and displaying the QR code.
We are glad to have possibility to implement innovative solutions in cooperation with the “Auchan” retail chain operating in Ukraine. Five years ago, when Lithuania was still preparing for contactless payments, EPS LT already deployed contactless card readers in the merchant’s shops. Currently, when QR codes payment solutions in our country are only taking the first steps, we can enjoy a successfully working service.
In this video VISA representative in Ukraine demonstrates how the solution works.