mylimiausia The loyalty program „Mylimiausia“ now offers even more benefits. EPS LT was selected as a partner to develop and implement the loyalty program‘s technical solution and ensure its support. „Mylimiausia“ is loyalty card combining loyalty programs run by 4 partners – supermarket chain „Senukai“, pharmacy chain „Gintarinė vaistinė“, gas station chain „Circle K“ and restaurants „Čili“ and „SOYA“. For those who wants to have payment and loyalty functions in one card, SEB Bank offers „SEB MasterCard Mylimiausia“ card.
Although the joint loyalty program has been operating for years, until now the loyalty points have been accumulated and used only in the points of sales of the particular partner where the points were given. By implementing this project EPS LT has expanded the capabilities of the system, enabling that the loyalty points can be used by different project partners, i.e., the points can be accumulated and used at the point of sales of „Senukai“, „Gintarinė Vaistinė“, „Čili“ and „SOYA“ restaurants. Another novelty is that all loyalty transactions are processed in real time: while using the card, the system calculates or writes off loyalty points, checks the validity of the card, calculates accumulated discounts and performs other related transactions. All information about the loyalty program transactions is collected and processed by a system developed and maintained by EPS LT. We are excited to bring this project into life and enable our partners to expand the possibilities of their existing loyalty programs.