FLEXIBLE. For customers having loyalty card, you can allow to collect and use bonus’\]’/. points as well as apply special discounts.
COST EFFICIENT. Possibility to create various discount schemes and apply different promotional methods allows to decrease marketing expenses.
NEW PARTNERSHIPS. The same loyalty card can be used in different stores in cooperation with other merchants.
INDIVIDUAL OFFERS. Possibility to segment customers based on different attributes and apply customized offers using various communication channels.
DATA ANALYSIS. Analysis of customers’ purchase data can be used for the planning of sales and marketing activities.


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MORE OPTIONS. Possibility to create various promotional schemes, save up or pay with reward points depending on the purchased products or product groups.
RELIABLE. The discount is calculated and applied automatically therefore the chance of human error is reduced.
PRACTICAL. Loyalty card can be read at the cash register (barcode scanner or magnetic card reader is required).
RECOMMENDED. For companies using cash registers (POS systems) and servicing medium to large customers flow.