We offer modern card readers for bank payment and other card reading

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MORE POSSIBILITIES. We are collaborating with all major banks in Baltic region – Swedbank, SEB, Luminor as well as international processing centers Elavon, Nets.
FLEXIBLE. We can offer our clients card readers for integrated solutions with different cash register systems.
RELIABILITY. Technical equipment and software are monitored 24/7. You can contact our Help desk any time.
SAFETY. All our equipment meets the mandatory security standards and regular audits are carried out in accordance with the requirements of international organizations. More information about safety standards You can find here.

Zivile Sukackaite

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SIMPLE. All you need is electricity, Internet access and an agreement with Your bank.
FAST. The card readers are prepared to accept payments, therefore, you can start them use immediately.
PRACTICAL. If there is no possibility to connect to Internet through Ethernet connection You can use GSM mobile data SIM card(SIM card is needed).
RECOMMENDED. For small companies or stores using simple cash registers.

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MOBILE. These card readers can be used everywhere where is GSM connection.
FAST. The card readers operate with a telemetric SIM card. Sign an agreement with a bank of and start serving your customers.
CONVENIENT. Using mobile card reader You can accept payments at the places most suitable for Your customers.
RECOMMENDED. For merchants delivering goods and food, taxi companies, couriers, restaurants, hotels.
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EFFECTIVE. Shorter servicing time because the payment data is transferred directly from cash register to the card reader.
RELIABLE. The merchant does not need to enter the amount manually and do other repeating tasks which increase the risk of human error.
MORE POSSIBILITIES. The same card reader can be used for many other services (e.g. reading loyalty, wholesale or gift card).
RECOMMENDED. For companies using computer cash registers (POS systems) and servicing a medium or a large client flow.

COST EFFICIENT. Lower operational costs, as You don’t need an employee to serve customers.
24/7. Services can be provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
FLEXIBLE. The card readers can be integrated with the equipment of clients’ choice.
RECOMMENDED. For parking lots, petrol stations, vending machine operators.