iCT250-Contactless_sumažintas(1) EPS LT presents the new generation of electronic card readers.

While the Baltic banks are still preparing for the issuing of contactless payment cards, EPS LT already can offer its customers the card readers which accept contactless payments in compliance with the requirements of Visa and Mastercard.

Contactless payments are a convenient way to pay for low-value purchases, because the customers paying with a card, do not have to enter PIN code. For merchants such payments help to serve more customers in shorter time and reduce queues at points of sale.

EPS LT offered new card readers can be used not only for the bank payment, but for any other electronic (enterprise payment, loyalty, gifts, transportation, personal identification, etc.) cards reading. The software of card readers meets the highest security requirements, reliably protecting data of card authorization and information about their users.

To learn more about the new card readers and their possibilities, please contact us.

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